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Welcome to Bosstown Clothing, Custom Printing & Embroidering. Do you have a family event planned for 2016? Contact us for more information.We can handle your sporting event for this summer, also we can do Rest In Peace shirts, buttons and more..
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Family Reunion 2016, Contact us now for pricing .

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In Memory shirts and buttons to show love for that special person.

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Basket ball League uniforms also available.

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Back by popular demand..

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100 Printed T-Shirts

for as little as


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Digital Printing Now Available


Decals, Bumper Stickers, Banners, Posters and much more...

Ordering Shirts or looking to get a quote? Below is the basic information that you should have available.

*Number of Shirts to be printed.
The reason you need to know the exact amount of shirts that you want printed is because the more shirts you order the cheaper the price gets.
Lets say you want to order 100 shirts and you are quoted $8.00 each, or you order 6 shirts, the price can be as high as $20.00 each(or higher).
So it's best to know exactly what you want at the beginning of the process.

*Sizes of Shirts.
Shirt sizes play another major role when it comes to getting the best quote. Size Small - Xlarge shirts are almost always the same price, XXlarge and XXXlarge are usually $2-$3.00 more. Any sizes higher than that, well you know what that means. Keep in mind that youth sizes are usually the same as the adult small - xlarge.

*Color of Shirts.
Please keep in mind that White shirts are the cheapest, then Ash (light) Grey is the next lowest. Every other color are considered Dark color shirts and of course they are the most exspensive. If you happen to find some dark color shirts cheaper the the other two then you found a really good deal or there is something wrong with the shirts. Believe me!

*Location of the print color.
It will cost you more if you want your design to be printed on the front, back and let's say the sleeve of the shirt, that's considered to be a three location print. The least expensive method is to print everything in one area if possible.